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This site has been established by a group of Facebook friends who realize the injustices of capital punishment, and are standing against the impending execution of Arizona death row inmate, Eric King. Eric’s case strongly indicates the innocence he avows, and to execute him without the investigation that has been left undone for more than two decades would represent a travesty. We hope to make a difference for Eric and others who have certainly faced wrongful conviction in Phoenix and await execution or death of old age in a cell.


 We are trying to bring attention to cases of injustice in Arizona and been ignored for six

 years - in that time I have read and heard hundreds say they are against the death

 penalty. Just words - I need those who stand against the DP to help now - share these

 stories - help find support before it is too late - one I speak for will be executed next

 month. Talking accomplishes nothing - it is far past time for action...

If you feel you can help in any way, please send a message to:   

Your information could save an innocent life.

 The brainchild of Kricket Schurz - she is joined in her fight by friends Judie and Sherry

Arizona Death Penalty injustice staff 

Sherry Breznicki 

I work for wrongful convictions on Death Row and Gen pop. Both of my sons were wrongfully convicted, on nothing more than an accusation. This happens too often, people convicted on just heresay, and accusation, unscrupulous prosecutor, judge and public defenders. The corruption is root to tip, all through our penal and court system. Lab scandals, backhanders to labs, dirty contaminated labs. This is what made me get involved, fighting for those who all these people and organizations conspire against - the innocent inmate.


Judie Wilson - Spowart

I have been involved with the abolition movement for many years, doing all I could to aide the abolition of the death penalty in the USA and worldwide. I founded an organisation called Road2Justice, to use as a tool to get cases and information out into the public domain. It is also used as a point of information. I have blogs as well, that are used for news and information.

I decided to become a founder member of Arizona DP injustice after reading some of the cases from the desert state, and realising the real truth. I cannot sit back and allow innocent men and woman to die, and I won't!! 

I do most of the tech stuff for the web site here, and the forum. I also do some publicity work, and PR for the organisation.

Link to the Road2Justice web site.

Kricket Schurtz

 am the wife of Eldon Schurz who has attempted to bring attention to these cases for six years, but who has previously remained ignored. However, after taking criminal investigation in college, my research has left me certain that extensive acts of misconduct by detectives and prosecutors led to these Phoenix convictions and other wrongful prosecutions that occurred over a period of fifteen years or more. I never thought of myself as an activist until confronted with the blatant truth of not just the death penalty, but law enforcement, prosecutor’s offices and courts. There has been no justice in the cases presented in this site and I now speak out for those who are so easily written off as unworthy of consideration. I can only pray that those with the power to help us in our mission will also step forward.

I write the articles for the organisation, as well as do publicity and PR. We all do research and reach out to help, where we can.

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