To:  Representatives Tom Chabin, Eddie Farnsworth, Doris Goodale, Albert Hale, Jack Harper, David Barnell-Smith, Anna Tovar, Ted Vogt

Representative Cecil Ash was appointed Chair of the House Interim Committee on Prison Sentencing Reform. This week he will present the proposed bill reforms to your Judiciary committee. The Bills numbers are HCR2025, HB 2374, HB 2648 and HB 2664.

In many cases in Arizona we have “required” sentencing statutes, while well-intentioned, have sometimes been too severe, and caused more of an injustice than justice. Many judges agree.

In AZ we are incarcerating too many non violent people in our prisons who would do better on probation or home arrest. Some would do better receiving substance abuse treatment than be in prison. All these inmates are costing the taxpayers of Arizona almost $1 Billion per year (and rising).

Rep. Ash will presentBills that would dramatically reform sentencing statutes and save Arizona tax payers millions of dollars.

By signing this petition we are showing our support for Rep. Ash's proposed Bills and we urge you to hear these bills before the deadline of Friday, February 18, 2011.

Thank you for taking the time to listen to "We The People" of Arizona!